Intelligent energy systems (100 hours)

The participants planned electricity generation plants from renewable energies, preferably photovoltaics, and integrated these into existing customer plants in compliance with national regulations. They selected the system concept and suitable components, installed and parameterised them for the desired functionality in compliance with safety regulations and set up remote monitoring.

Plant project (40 hours)

In this project, a photovoltaic system was planned and put into operation. Typical calculation models and software tools were used for analysis, planning and calculation. The cooperation of the participants as well as the mutual exchange of ideas and information was aimed at.

Configuration of a battery system to increase self-consumption

lesson planning (56 hours)

The group learned under which aspects an action-oriented lesson is planned based on competence and then carried out.
In addition, the participants tested the previously planned lessons and reflected on them. In the plenum the execution of the lessons was discussed and evaluated.

Teaching methods (24 hours)

Action-oriented teaching methods were tried out and reflected on with regard to competence development and learning conditions. In a further step, the participants went through the phases of the framework concept of self-organised learning (SOL) and analysed the individual process steps.

Teaching media (24 hours)

The use of media in technology teaching was reflected upon and decisions were made on how to support learning processes in a manner appropriate to addresses. Selected media were tested and evaluated.

Field trips

Five excursion destinations in the field of renewable energies were selected to supplement the training modules:

  •  SMA Solar Technology AG, Niestetal
  •   Intersolar Trade Fair, Munich
  •   Energy landscape, Morbach
  •   Photovoltaic construction site, Groß-Gerau
  •   Biogas plant, Wallerstädten

Leisure time

The group made excursions to Mannheim, Frankfurt and Mainz.
Another highlight was the visit of Rüdesheim with a boat trip on the Rhine. Since the Intersolar trade fair in Munich was visited as part of a specialist excursion, the tourist aspect was also there.

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