The key technology of the 21st century is information and communication technology. No technology has developed faster in recent decades and will continue to be of great importance for the economic development of a country in the future. It is a cross-sectional technology that covers all areas of the economy and society.

Increasing digitalisation in the education sector requires comprehensive investments in the IT infrastructure of educational institutions on the one hand and new teaching methods for teaching staff on the other.

Our qualifications aim to strengthen the skills of teachers and trainers in digitisation and media literacy. In addition to educational aspects, this also means intensive training in the use of operating systems, user software, programming languages, hardware and the Internet.

The combination of our information technology and pedagogical modules gives the client the opportunity to employ the participants after the training under administrative aspects as IT specialists or in the pedagogical field as teachers or trainers. Since the administration of IT is carried out by teachers at schools, our training is ideal for this target group or educational institution.

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