As a branch of electrical engineering, automation technology offers a wide range of possibilities to convey practice-oriented content on the one hand and to integrate participant-centred exercise phases under both technical and pedagogical conditions on the other.
Mechatronic systems are used in which signals are detected by active or passive sensors. Programs are developed for the control or regulation of typical tasks, simulated with graphic tools and finally tested on real systems. The actuators used for this purpose in turn offer participants the opportunity to get to know, compare and select drive technologies. Depending on the focus of the training, our spectrum ranges from simple small controllers to networked industrial programmable logic controllers. To ensure the transfer in the home country, we orient ourselves to worldwide standards.

Typical contents:

  •  Trade fairs
  •   Control, rules
  •   Communicating
  •   man-machine interface
  •   Safety and security

Alternatively, in the area of embedded systems, we offer the possibility of electronic-related observation of automation technology. Current microcontroller systems are connected with electronic components or assemblies and programmed with corresponding languages. Modern measuring instruments such as oscilloscopes or corresponding apps are also used.


  •  Programmable controllers
  •   embedded systems
  •   Electronic assemblies
  •   drive technology
  •   mechatronics

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